Artist Bio

Brendan Rohde is a painter who lives in Roseville, Minnesota.  Brendan started drawing when he could first hold a crayon, finding his first subjects in Saturday morning cartoons like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Sunday comic strips like Calvin and Hobbes.  He transitioned from strictly drawing as a child to relentless painter while attending Roseville Area High School.  While at RAHS Brendan developed his love of using bold colors and working on large scale pieces, producing several paintings per week.  

Brendan then went on to formally study painting, earning a B.A. in Fine Art from Hamline University.  While at school Brendan began taking a strong interest in portraiture, particularly on facial expressions.  He also independently experimented with elements of street art, using hand-made stencils of faces and geometric patterns to create a repetition of imagery in his work.  His current work revolves around combining his interests in popular culture (sports, comic books, fame, technology) with the expressiveness of human figures.  

Brendan has been a member of The AZ Gallery since April of 2010, and relishes the opportunity to share his work in Lowertown.