Artist Statement


About Me:  I’m 60 years old, and have been serious about creating artwork and expressing myself visually for the past 6 years. I have a background in upholstering and refurbishing furniture. I have no formal art training, but received some training from my father, who had 2 years of art school. My first art memory is of my mother setting my 4 brothers and I around the dining room table on rainy days, putting out paper and crayons, putting classical music on the Hi Fi, and telling us to draw what the music made us think of. My inspiration comes from the people that touch or have touched my life, my dreams, and that lovely state that exists between dreams and consciousness. The main body of my work is done in acrylic paint or water soluble crayons. I also like to work with my skills developed working with furniture to create found objects art.

Prints available on demand on my website,